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Innovation Theatre 2017


Innovation Theatre is a platform provided by LED CHINA 2017(which is current with Digital Signage 2017 and Sign 2017), September 20 to 22, in Shanghai (SNIEC). Each day during the 3-day show, 5-10 elite exhibitors will be invited to present on stage. Each exhibitor will get 20 minutes to give a highlight introduction of their most advanced, innovated and top-notch technique or products.


Innovation Theatre Agenda
Innovation Theatre - 20 September, 2017
Time Topic Company
10:40-11:00 Ultra HD LED Display-Control Room Series Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd
Booth No. E1-C22
11:05-11:25 YIPLED-Smart Transparent LED Display Screen, creating a more efficient and valuable urban media Shenzhen YIPLED Co.,Ltd
Booth No. E2-C31a
11:30-11:50 Solutions on present high-end, high speed and green printing Shanghai Yongxun Digital Image Technology Co.,Ltd
Booth No. W5-G11
14:00-14:20 The Innovation And Application Of Window Vinyl SHANGHAI NAR INDUSTRIAL
Booth No. W2-C01
14:25-14:45 LED Neon Sign Shanghai Liyu Optoelectronic
Booth No. W3-G11
14:50-15:10 The Solution for Fabulous Image on Backlit Fabric Fei Yeung Union Group
Booth No. W5-C10
15:15-15:35 LED Kinetic Screen with Mechanical Lifting Motion Shenzhen Lightlink Display Technology Co.,Ltd
Booth No. E2-C21
15:40-16:00 We Are Miracle Jinan Bodor CNC Co.,Ltd
Booth No. W1-C02
16:05-16:25 LED Display Application in Intelligence Age Shenzhen Rtop LED Display Co.,Ltd
Booth No. E2-C12
  *5 minutes for Q&A after each topic.
Innovation Theatre - 21 September, 2017
Time Topic Company
10:40-11:00 LED Display for Stage、Theatre and Planning Library Shenzhen Uniview LED Co.,Ltd
Booth No. E1-C32
11:05-11:25 Intelligent & Exclusive: Advertising Equipment Industrial Applications under New Time Shenzhen Hanotop Tech Co.,Ltd
Booth No. W5-C43
11:30-11:50 Prismatic Reflective Material Changzhou HUA R SHENGH
Reflective Material Co.,Ltd
Booth No. W2-C43
14:00-14:20 Smart Sign Prosign
Booth No. W3-C07
14:25-14:45 Flame Retardancy Inkjet consumable Series Jiaxing Fly Digital Inkjet Materials
Co., Ltd.
Booth No. W2 C11
14:50-15:10 4k 2k_60Hz LED Video Processor (product promotion) Shenzhen VDWalL Co.,Ltd
Booth No. E2-C32
15:15-15:35 Laser Application for Signage Industry Gd Han's Yueming Laser Tech
Co., Ltd
Booth No. W1-G01
15:40-16:00 Project Introduction of Ding Dong TOP Beijing Chinasigns Information
Booth No. W5-D70a
16:05-16:25 Green Materials Naisi Digital Inkjet Printing
Material Co., Ltd.
Booth No. W2-C02
  *5 minutes for Q&A after each topic.
  The above arrangement may subject to change.
  The Organiser reserves the rights of final explanation.